M4 / M6

Laser distance meter

STONEX M4 and M6 Laser Distance meters are the best Surveyor’s friends whenever there is an inaccessible point to be quickly measured. Both feature a range of 100 m on the measured distance, and the integrated tilt sensor of Stonex M6 opens a world of new measuring possibilities, such as indirect measurements of distance and Heights with high accuracy.



Stonex M4 & M6 are strongly protected against dust and splash water: M4 is IP54 certified while the IP65 grade of M6 guarantees a safe outdoor use of the unit, even under bad weather conditions.


Stonex M4 & M6 are equipped with an universal flip-out end-piece that allows to measure in all possible conditions, even from edges or corners.

The ‘zero measurement point’ can be set in several modes (top/bottom/end-piece); moreover, on M6 the zero point can be set matching the position of the tripod, when in use.


… are just a short list of the advanced features of the new Stonex M6 Laser Distance meter: ask your local Stonex Dealer for a complete demonstration.

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